HLI introducing itself


Traditionally, in Germany, there is a strong separation between research and consulting, which further expands to practical implementation. This also includes the field of logistics. This separation is a constant problem for many companies to find partners for their future project.

The Hamburger Logistik Institut GmbH (HLI) combines the best in research and consultancy in the field of logistics and supply chain management, from which new and innovative concepts for practical application are developed for our valued customers. HLIs unique selling proposition is to bridge the gap between research and consulting by acting as a neutral and independent partner between the technical and logistical supply chain partners.

HLI operates its own AutoID research laboratory (specialized on RFID-UHF-Radio Frequency Identification) and supports a smooth integration of research concepts into practical application and use. HLIs laboratory has a close interaction with its stake holders in the development and implementation of AutoID solutions in the supply chains. On this basis, a special focus is given to the implementation of RFID- and/or Barcode Systems in small and medium-size enterprises, to realize increases in efficiency.

HLIs business goal is the promotion of innovation according to the slogan analyse.optimise.realise:

  • Analyse – the assessment of the current and existing processes and herewith identifying possible improvement potentials by means of using modern analysis methods.
  • Optimise – the optimisation of the current processes in tailor-made test and application scenarios.
  • Realise – the realisation and implementation of the results into the operational and business environment.

Generally speaking, the HLI feels obliged to develop sustainable logistical processes.

Below, HLIs services in the fields of Consulting, Laboratory and Research are introduced shortly.

Consulting – HLIs consultancy services cover from local intra-logistical concepts, through integrated production chains up to global supply chains at its highest level. Major competencies of the HLI are in the fields of:

  • Logistical and strategic management
  • Secure and sustainable purchase/delivery organisation and supply chains
  • Aspects such as ecologically and economically sustainable logistics
  • Usage of automated identification technologies.

Therefore, the HLI makes use of – in the industry and commerce – experienced consultants and also its excellent network of universities in the Hamburg metropolitan area, for the analysis of various, client specific questions.

With regard to HLIs overall slogan, within the frame of consulting it can be applied as follows. Potential organisations are analysed, amongst others in terms of processes, process documentations and operational backgrounds. Thus, the foundation is investigated firmly. In the second step, the optimisation is made up of the development of concepts, cost-benefit assessments are conducted, to-be-processes are set up and implementation plans are drawn in close cooperation with the customers. In the last step, the realisation includes concepts and plans, which are developed in previous steps, put into practice, and the support of the clients into the new operational environment.

Laboratory – HLI sees itself as central point of contact for all questions regarding AutoID (RFID)-technology in the field of logistics. AutoID (RFID) enables the efficient organisation of logistical processes. HLIs laboratory analyses the technical operating conditions for the implementation of AutoID (RFID) with a special focus on logistics and production with the aim to develop concert instructions for the system configuration, based on the operational requirements and conditions of the clients. This enables the client to implement a tailor-made solution in a short time-frame, without disruptions of the day-to-day operations/production.

As independent technology intermediary between global suppliers of AutoID (RFID)-technology and potential users, HLI is working application oriented. A special focus is put on the implementation and development of already existing AutoID (RFID)-systems.

HLI has specialised on the passive, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) band, which can be seen as the global standard. The performance of those AutoID (RFID)-systems is dependent on different influential factors, such as installation substructure, surrounding material and environment.

With reference to HLIs overall slogan, the frame of the laboratory can be applied as follows. First of all, technical requirements are defined, on which basis an extensive, independent market research is done, for the available products conforming to the specifications. This can be seen as a pre-analysis. Afterwards, potential products are analysed in the laboratory environment in the matter of their actual capabilities. In terms of optimisation, it can be seen, to what extend the configurations of the product can be altered. In this step, the HLI has a close contact with the producers on the one hand and the clients on the other hand, who both are provided with feedback. After the products are tested in a small scale, a demonstrator is realised, and the tested products are put in full scale usage environment. Here exists a close correlation to the consulting field, as the tested products are often part of product implementation projects.



Research – HLI is involved in numerous national and international logistical projects as consortia partner or initiates activities in cooperation with the city of Hamburg. The scope of these projects ranges from supply chain management, -security, humanitarian logistics, retail and education. This also includes technological research towards the use of AutoID/RFID. Those projects support the capability to extend the partner network. Simultaneously, the gained knowledge is implemented and applied into various tailor-made consulting and laboratory projects and vice versa.